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Trademark Registration Consultant

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Trademark Registration Consultant

Trademark Registration Consultant

                We SV Consultant is one of the leading trademark registration in Coimbatore. We provide the complete range of service to get register your brand/trade name in and around Tamilnadu. We have a well experienced persons to handle your registration and to provide you a free consultancy regarding your registration. Get your trademark registration and free trademark search in Coimbatore at affordable price with a friendly support with us.

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What is Trademark Registration?

Trademark generally known as brand name, simply Trademark is a Brand or Logo which represents your Business. It’s capable of being represented graphically and which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one person from those of others and may include a word, phrase, symbol, design, and combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs. Trademark Registration protects your company from being mishandled by any third party. Trademark Registration in India can be done very easy and very low cost.

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Benefits of Trademark Registration

    • Trademark Registration recognize the goods or service from origin or owner
    • Trademark Registration supports to promote  the goods or services of the company
    • Trademark Registration build better image for goods and services
    • Trademark Registration earns you goodwill in the business.
    • No one can use your Brand/Logo in the wrong way

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Trademark registration process

Trademark Search


Before applying a Trademark application, we must conduct a trademark search in the trademark database provided by the Trademark Registry (IP India / Intellectual Property India) it is the public search provided by the registry. We must always check that that there’s no identical or similar trademark already registered or in process for registration by the information provided in IP India Public Search.

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Trademark Application

            Once we make sure of brand name availability, we can go for the Trademark Registration. The Applicant or Firm have to provide the below document for the filling Trademark Application (TM – A).

    • Soft copy of the Logo or Trademark
    • Applicant details (Name and address of the applicant)
    • Classification or Trademark Class
    • Date of initial usage of Trademark
    • Description of the goods or services
    • Translation of a Trademark is required, If it contains or consists of non-English words, Translation of a word should be in English.
    • Power of attorney for authorization of Agent to be signed by the applicant and it should be executed in Rs.100/- stamp paper.

Trademark Filling and Allotment

            Once the Trademark Application (TM – A) has been filed with the Trademark Register, we’ll receive a payment challan and approved assigned application number. We can track the status of the application in the Public Search. Once the number has been allotted the applicant can use the trademark symbol TM in their Brand name or Logo.

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Send To Vienna Codification

Once Trademark application has updated successfully in the Trademark Registry, status will reflects as Sent for Vienna Codification. The Vienna Code Classification to the trademark is based on the figurative elements of marks.


After completed Vienna Codification process successfully, Trademark Application will assign to the Trademark Officer in the Trademark Registry. Trademark Officer will examine the application and issue the trademark examination report.  The officer has power to approval the application and publish trademark journal or send an objection as he required. If the application has objected by the Trademark Officer, the trademark agent has to reply for his examination report, if he is satisfy by the replay he will publish in the trademark journal. If officer is not satisfied with the replay, the trademark agent has to appeal to the Trademark Officer in Trademark Office and provide clear clarification about the Trademark Application.

Journal Publication

Once the application has been published in the Trademark Journal, the public has an opportunity to oppose the trademark application, if they feel this trademark application will spoil their business. If there is no opposition raised within 120 days, the Trademark Application will get registered and certificate will be provided.

Trademark Symbols

After filing the Trademark application, applicant can use a symbol as TM  (Temporary Mark) in their Brand Name or Logo, if it is a service business can use a symbol as SM (Service Mark) . Once the Trademark application has got registered can use a symbol as R .

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