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Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

We SV Consultant is one of the leading trademark registration company in Coimbatore and in India. We are experienced to handle your Company / Trademark registration and provide you a free consultancy regarding your trademark registration. We provide the complete range of service to get register your brand name/trade name. SV Consultant provides the services at Affordable Cost with Customer friendly support. If you looking to register your company or product in the market, SV Consultant trademark registration in Coimbatore helps you to process your legal application.

To register your name, company, or product in the market, we help you process your legal trademark registration in coimbatore. We experienced in handle the trademark registration/application. We provide a free consultant on trademark registration and the complete range of services to get register brand name/trade name. Our services are affordable cost with customer support. We also have five-star reviews for the trademark registration from previous clients

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Trademark Registration in Coimbatore
Trademark Registration Coimbatore

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Trademark Search

Trademark search must be done before filing a trademark application to find any similar trademark applications or registered trademarks are existing in Trademark registry.

Trademark Class

Trademark class helps us to fine the classify Goods and Services needed to apply for trade mark protection. Trademark application has 45 different classes as per the NICE classification for trademark.

Regular Updates

Trademark application can be filed in one or more class, if the activity of the business involves described as goods or services falling under different trademark classifications.

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One Person Company

One Person Company introduced in the Act 2013 of Section 2 of sub-section 62. One Person company has only one member. It incorporated with the private limited company. OPC formed into two categories, Company limited by guarantee and Company limited by shares. Register a One Person Company in Coimbatore within 10 to 20 days Contact us.

Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Company is the most registered type of business in India, the four stages of it are to RUN Name Approval, obtain a digital signature, incorporation application submission, and the approval for it. In India, Almost 90% of companies registered under private limited. Private limited company registration must have at least two partners or up to 200 partners. It Offers Limited Liability or Legal Protection to the shareholders. Register a Private Limited Company in Coimbatore within 10 to 20 days Contact us.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

A limited liability partnership (LLP) is one in which partners have little to no liabilities. In an LLP, each partner has the right to manage the business directly and is not responsible for another partner's misconduct.In LLP some or every partner has limited liabilities. The main difference between the Traditional Partnership and LLP were each partner is not responsible for other partner's misconduct. Some countries have a rule for LLP must have a general partner and they have unlimited liabilities. Register a Limited Liability Partnership in Coimbatore within 10 to 20 days contact us.

Traditional Partnership

The traditional partnership must have two or more partners in a business relationship. In this category, the partners must share the profits. In Traditional partnership, everyone should pay the tax. Whether there is no specific agreement in written or oral for traditional partnership. The Partnership Act 1890 will imply certain terms into a partnership. Register a Traditional Partnership in Coimbatore within 10 to 20 days Contact us.

Trademark Registration

Trademark registration means you own your trademark, it means that the commercial rights of that brand name, logo or slogan are controlled by you and only you have the right to use them in your Class. Register a Trademark in Coimbatore within 10 to 20 days Contact us

Sole Proprietorship

It is also called a sole trader, individual entrepreneurship, or proprietorship. Proprietorship means a company that runs by one person. All profits and losses belong to a single person who runs the registered company. Register a Sole proprietorship in Coimbatore within 10 to 20 days Contact us.

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SV Consultant is a best choice for Company Registration in Coimbaatore, trademark filing,and We provide cost effective services. Call Now!!

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