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Difference between Registered trademark and Un-registered trademark

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Difference between Registered trademark and Un-registered trademark



                    Registered Trademark


                       Unregistered Trademark

When a company registers its symbol, brand name, logo or slogan (Trademark of a company) with the trademark registering authority, then that company’s trademark is said to be registered. When a company has its trademark not registered with the trademark authority, i.e. with the Trademarks Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, then that company’s trademark is said to be not registered 
Legal protection to the brand and trademark is given once the trademark is registered. The owner has the power to sue in the court of law if any third party who tries to infringe his registered trademark. There are no such legal protections to unregistered trademark, so if a third party uses a company’s unregistered trademark there is little to nothing can be done about it. The original company can’t sue the infringing company in a lawsuit.
A registered trademark portrays that the company cares about its brand and product. This gives a positive image to the brand in public, which in-turn brings loyal customers. Image of a brand is as important as it’s quality product and service. A company that doesn’t have a registered trademark doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a reputed company. Quality product and service always trumps, but in addition to that an image of reputation is given by a registered mark in any company’s logo.
Global Permits are easier to obtain, like if the company wants to go public, or it wants to venture in to new horizons like export, import, attract investors, a registered trademark will speak volumes of the company’s commitment to its moto.  Without a registered trademark, the company won’t be taken seriously in a bigger platform. And if the company wants to expand and attract investors, brand image is important, only registered trademark can give a company that recognizable brand image with ease.
Last but not the least, the value of the company in the market goes up with the culmination of all the good things a registered brand image would bring in. It is the brand value, it not only attracts customers but also gives a reason for the company to maintain its quality and service. A company with unregistered brand image must fight harder to improve its image in the market place. A good brand image will always lead to better brand value and in turn successful business. So, it is not advisable to have a company’s trademark unregistered.


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