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Some of the Frequently Asked Questions on Trademark/Copyright registration in India

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Some of the Frequently Asked Questions on Trademark/Copyright registration in India

How do I find out whether a trademark/brand name is already registered in India?
The Ministry of Corporate Affairs maintains a registry where the names of the companies already registered are present. Access to that directory could enable you to do a search of your company name and if there is hit for the name searched, the directory will indicate it.
The next method would be to do a search on the government’s own Intellectual property India website, with your company’s name and trademark class.
Or the simplest way to do it would be a web search on google, but this is not to be relied upon.
What is the difference between trademark registration and copyright registration?
The difference between trademark and copyright at the most basic level is that a trademark protects the face of the product or the service like a logo or slogan, on the other-hand copyright protects the actual product, in other words, the creative intellectual design of the product or service. It is advisable to have both copyright and trademark registration done for any company.
How long does it take to register a trademark?
From the start to the end of the trademark registration, there is a varied number of processes, namely from the name search to its final approval from the  Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Usually, for a trademark/copyright registration without any objections or oppositions, it’s would anywhere between one and half years to two years. However, the application number is issued as soon as the trademark/copyright application is submitted. But if there are oppositions and objections the case could go for a long time and that is why hiring a trademark registration company is essential to get through the whole process any problems.
What is the validity of trademark registration?
Once the trademark/copyright is obtained from the government it is valid for a period of ten years for the date the application was submitted and not from the date it was issued. That being said once the registration is successful it is virtually valid for an indefinite period of time provided renewal is done every ten years with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
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