International Standard Organization

International Standard Organization

International Standard Organization is an Independent international body that provides ISO certificates. There are different types of ISO certificates that are accredited by The International Standard organization like

  • ISO9001 – Quality
  • ISO14001 – Environment
  • ISO45001 – OHSMS
  • ISO50001 – Energy

Here the process of receiving an ISO9001 certificate is taken as an example. This certification is given for only one purpose and that is the quality management systems of the company. The standards are set by the International Standard organization and to obtain the certificate a company should fulfill all the criteria. To know more about ISO Certificate and Trademark registration in coimbatore, Contact us

Below are the important four processes to obtain an ISO certificate to a company.

ISO Company
  1. Training that given in ISO standard: ISO standard has to be incorporated into the workflow of the organization, for this, the ISO standard has to be bought from the International Standard organization and with that standard as the basis, all the employees should be trained in the prescribed standard.
  2. Application: Once when everything in the company is on par with the standards prescribed by ISO, an application can be posted for certification either online or offline.
  3. Assessment: Once the application is posted for accreditation of ISO9001, an auditor audits the entire company, the workflow, the quality management policy, and the actual practice of that policy. Based on the audit the International Standard organization asses whether a company is deserving of ISO certificate or not.
  4. Certification: After the assessment is over and the auditor clears the company to be worthy of the certificate then it will be decided that the company will be accredited with ISO certificate that the company can use it in its logo.

The validity of the ISO certificate is for 3 years from the date of registration for the certificate and the renewal is very simple with a small reassessment of the organizational structure in par with the current ISO standards and some quality checks.

These are the processes for ISO certification in India. Though there are different ISO certifications as mentioned above and the standards different for each, the process remains the same.

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