General Trademark Filing Requirements

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This blog covers the general requirements for filing any trademark application, notice or request under the Trademark Registration Act 1999 or Trademark Registration Rules 2002.

How a Trademark document’s can be filed

A document can be filed by a individual person or his duly authorized trademark agent at the appropriate office of the Trademark Registry as defined in Rule 4 of the Trademark Rules 2002, which includes the Head office or branch offices of the Trademark Registry. However, certain documents as specified under Trademark Rule 8(2) may either be filed at the Head office of the Trademark Registry or at the appropriate office while some documents as specified under trademark rule 8(2) (c) may only be filed at the Head office of the Trade Marks Registry.

Appropriate office of Trademark Registry for the purpose of filing documents is the office within the territorial jurisdiction of which the principal of business place of the applicant in India is situated. Detailed provisions about the appropriate office for various categories of applicants are provided in Trademark Rule 4.

The Trademark application documents may be filed by delivery at the front office personally or by sending by post, or by submitting electronically through the gateway provided in the trademark official website i.e.

All offices of the Trademark Registry are open for receipt of fee bearing documents from Morning 10 to Evening 3.30, on all working days. Non fee bearing documents will be filed at any time throughout office working hours.

Electronic filing of trademark documents through official website can be done at all hours (24×7). 

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